Super intelligent pill box

Medication Tracker

The electronic pill box automatically timestamps users' access to medication when they open it. If this takes place during scheduled alarm intervals, corresponding medications will be marked as taken.

Family members and doctors can remotely track users' real-time medication intake on APP.


Overdose Alert

Distractions or absent-mindedness can lead to overdosing. The attempt to open the pill box and access medication the second time, during a scheduled alarm interval, will trigger a double-dose-alert with sound and visual LED flashing.

Users can track medication intake history on APP, to clear any possible confusion to whether they have already taken a scheduled medication or not.


Misplace Reminder

Users may forget to bring medications as they commute. Frequently visited locations such as home and office can be marked using a GPS fence in 'misplaced reminder'. APP will notify users when they depart from the marked locations (about 100m away), without their pill box.



Pill Box Finder

Users can save the hassle of grappling for the pill box in a bag or searching for it all over the place with the finder function. They can use App to 'ping' for the location of the pill box.