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What is the main difference between Memo Box Vibrant, Mini, and Deluxe?

They are all smart pillboxes, meaning they intelligently help you organize and remind you to take your daily medication regime. Memo Box Vibrant is great for work and travel, with a large storage capacity. Memo Box Mini, is pocket sized and portable, handy for discretely carrying your meds. Memo Box Deluxe is similar to Vibrant, but is lined with silver anodized aluminum, combining metal and resin, designed for a luxury finish, perfect for a thoughtful gift.

Do I need the App to receive pill alarms?

Many people use their Memo Box alarms independently of their smartphone, but at the start you need to set up your pill box and reminders using the Memo Health app. It also has other useful features, like letting you track your dosages, set up refill reminders, and even follow family members intakes to help them adhere.

You can try Memo Health for free on Play Store, App Store.

Can I see my parents’ medication records remotely?

Yes, using the Memo Health app, you can help your family members set up their prescription regime, and will receive notifications if they miss a dose or double-dose, and with the app, you can track their medication adherence from anywhere in the world.


Which devices can I use with Memo Box?

Memo Box works with Android & iOS Smartphones which support Bluetooth 4, and supports Apple Watch.

How many days of pills can I store in my Pill Box?

Each small pillbox (Mini) stores 15 medium pills, and if you get the 7 Day, you can organize your week of 7 pillboxes with up to 105 pills, and with each large pillbox (Memo Box Vibrant or Deluxe), you can carry up to 60 pills.

My medication needs to be protected, is the pillbox PBA free?

Yes, Memo Box is made using PBA free, FDA approved materials. It is also splash-proof, and the Mini clips shut, while Vibrant and Deluxe pillboxes lock magnetically.


What are the Swap-in Dispenser Pill Boxes?

With the Swap-in Dispenser Pill Boxes  you can prepare your weekly pills in advance, and place into your electronic pill boxes (Deluxe and Vibrant). They come in AM, PM - 2 times a day, and 4 times a day compartments.

Can I connect to more than one pill box?

Yes. You can connect your app through bluetooth to as many devices as you'd like, each one with its own separate alarm.

How long is the battery life?

The rechargeable pill boxes (Mini, 7 Day) last an entire 1 month on each charge, while with the 2AG13 coin battery (Deluxe, Vibrant) you can get a whole year of use.

Which languages is the App available in?

The Memo Health App is available in 7 languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese.


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