Ultra smart pill reminder



Schedule Medication

Users can set up pill reminders on both electronic pill box and smartphone using APP via a wireless bluetooth connection.

Additional information, such as name of medication, dosage, picture of prescription instructions or drug precautions, can be saved in the App, to help users recall if needed.



Responsive Reminder


Visual and audio meds alarms repeat every 10 min and can persist for 30 mins (default alarm mode) or 90 mins (extended alarm mode).

If users open the pill box to access meds during this alarm interval, Memo Box will consider that users have taken the scheduled dose, and discontinue the current alarm.




Snoozable Alarm

In the event where users are unable to take medications when the alarm goes off, they can simply press the 'Alarm Snooze Button' on the pill box.



Flexible Customization 

If users require flexible medication scheduling for work shifts or weekends, they can customize medication alarm to bring forward, delay or cancel on specific day of the week.



Smart Mode

Some users may prefer to take medication without frequent reminders. With alarm smart mode, users can cancel upcoming alarms by accessing medications in the pill box half an hour before schedule. 




Family Monitor

As a backup measure for users requiring strict medication adherence, family members can be notified by the App and intervene, when users miss their scheduled dose.