Memo Box Cellular

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Memo Box Cellular helps caregivers monitor their patients remotely. No Smartphone Bluetooth connection required by user, Caregiver can remotely set up alarms and track updates about intake in Memo Health app through cellular connectivity.


  • Double Connectivity:  Memo Box Cellular connects with SIM to your phone and updates your app intakes through GPRS and Bluetooth Smart, enabling close and remote medicine logging
  • Unforgettable Reminders : Sound and visual reminders on both pill box & app
  • Super Flexible : Customize your pill reminders for different days and pills
  • Health Tracker : Pill box updates your intake right onto your app history
  • Double dose alert : Prevent accidental double-dosing with warning alert
  • Easily Findable : Never lose your pills, ping to locate
  • Family Health : Look after your loved ones, tracking their intake in real time
  • Customizable: Organize pills with exchangeable 2/4-compartment inner boxes.
  • One Month Rechargeable Battery : An entire month of usage with the smart energy saving algorithm 



Memo Box Cellular is currently available as part of enterprise solution for medication adherence monitoring.