Memo Box Deluxe

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Features :
  • Reminders: Set up audio-visual pill reminders on both pill box & smartphone with APP.
  • Snoozable: Postpone current pill reminder with ‘Alarm Snooze Button’ on the pill box.
  • Flexible: Customize pill reminders independently for different days of the week.
  • Tracker: Keep track of intake history on APP as pill box automatically records time of access to meds when users open it.
  • Overdose: Prevent users from accidental double-dosing with flashing alerts.
  • Misplace: Alert users on APP when they depart from preset locations without pill box.
  • Family: Track loved ones’ meds intake in real time with APP.
  • Finder: Ping Memo Box to quickly locate it.
  • Customizable: Organize pills with exchangeable 2/4-compartment inner boxes.
  • Battery: Allow for an entire year of usage with the smart energy saving algorithm.


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